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Founded in 1976, Faisal Al-Qatami Steel Trading Company, also known as Qatami Steel, is a prominent structural steel trading & tube manufacturing company based in Kuwait.

Qatami Steel prides itself on providing the local and GCC markets with the highest quality steel products and services, at competitive prices coupled with exceptional customer service. As an industry leader, the company is continuously expanding its reach as well as its products and services range to meet the growing and increasingly challenging demands of Kuwaiti and GCC steel contractors, fabricators and end users.


Qatami Steel is headquartered in Al-Rai area and operates through two divisions:

  1. Qatami Steel (Trading Division)
  2. Qatami Metal Industries (Manufacturing and Service Center Division)

Driven by a customer-centric development strategy, Qatami Steel maintained a steady growth record over the last 5 decades positioning itself as the largest and most reliable stockholder of structural steel in Kuwait.


Faisal Al-Qatami Steel Trading Company was established in 1976 by Mr. Faisal Naser Al-Qatami, current Chairman of Qatami Group. Starting from humble beginnings as an entrepreneur in the steel industry.


Mr. Al-Qatami foresaw the central role this industry would play in the development of Kuwait’s infrastructure. He envisioned Qatami Steel as an essential and vital backbone to the evolution of Kuwait into a strong nation. Today, his vision is being materialized through the recognition of Qatami Steel as the largest structural steel trader in Kuwait and one of the top steel companies in the GCC region.


Throughout the years, Qatami Steel consistently contributed to Kuwait’s development ensuring that its range of products and services covers all the requirements of its diversified client base. In terms of products, the company stayed up-to-date with international innovations pertaining to the structural steel industry. From new shapes to new standards, Qatami Steel was committed to constantly importing and introducing the latest structural steel solutions to the Kuwaiti market.


As for the services, Qatami Steel was keen to provide a wide range of comprehensive services in order to differentiate itself from other players in the industry. The first priority was to maximize clients’ access and convenience through spreading the network geographically, even in remote areas, with 6 branches each hosting a team of dedicated steel experts and a warehouse supplying the most in-demand steel products.


Steel has always been the staple of the world’s industrial economy and the hidden force behind national urban development surges. In the last decades, the steel industry has forged, shaped and grew Kuwait’s economic landscape and as a key player of this industry, we witnessed this revival and took great part in it. Today, the steel industry in Kuwait continues to progress as the modern business world becomes more and more competitive, challenging us all to push the boundaries in order to leave a mark.

To make a difference, Qatami Steel builds on its human capital, the stepping stone to all our achievements. We believe that employing the best and continuously investing in our people will naturally drive our success and secure our continuity in the business as it has done in the past.


Over five decades, Qatami Steel has weathered economic, financial and even security crises. Overcoming those obstacles would not have been possible without our loyal employees. Building teams that collaborate is a difficult task but we have proudly achieved that through healthy communication, good leadership and a culture of mutual trust. Our high performing teams of experts are committed to high standards enabling them to offer unparalleled product knowledge and outstanding service. As for our trusted partners, from clients to suppliers, logistics collaborators to banks to many other service providers, we address them with gratitude and appreciation as they have faithfully accompanied us through this long journey of sustainable growth and development.

Faisal Naser Al-Qatami
Chairman – Qatami Group

Over years, Qatami Steel founded long-lasting and strategic ties with business associates that were always based on a high sense of integrity and reliability. These strong bonds secured a solid common ground for us and our associates to improve and advance in confidence.

It’s to them, our employees, our partners and our clients that we dedicate our efforts and prosperity with a pledge to always fulfill our responsibilities towards them with further devotion.


Hand in hand with all our stakeholders, we will be devising our business strategy, setting our goals and aligning them with Kuwait’s 2035 vision that aims at transforming Kuwait into a commercial and financial hub and at diversifying its economy. We believe that Qatami Steel is a main catalyst of this promising plan primarily in supporting its execution and endorsing new projects of all nature.


On those grounds, we look forward to years of affluence during which Qatami Steel will emerge as the most valued and favorite steel partner in Kuwait and the GCC.


To emerge as a global market leader in the trading and manufacturing of steel products, thereby expanding the business throughout new markets in the GCC countries and on the international scene as well.


We aim to become the number one steel supplier presenting a wide range of sustainable, innovative and premium quality steel solutions that fulfill our customers’ needs with a remarkable service experience.

We strive hard to build a solid, trustworthy and growing partnership with our suppliers and external stakeholders, despite business challenges.

We motivate our people because they are our real inspiration.

Our Values

Since the founding of Qatami Steel, we have been guided by three core values:

1. Integrity

We abide by the sound principles of honesty, respect and trust in dealing with all our stakeholders starting with our employees. This fundamental value dictates the way we manage our partnerships both internally and externally and how we run our business on daily basis.

In a nutshell, we practice integrity at all levels and across all activities within Qatami Steel.
From sealing contracts to our pricing strategy, we operate with unwavering transparency and visibility which ultimately enhances our associates’ trust.

2. Excellence

We pledge uncompromising adherence to the value of Excellence pertaining to both commitment to quality and performance.
Adopting a client-centric approach, our commitment to quality reflects in the offering of world class steel products and superior comprehensive services.
To achieve high customer satisfaction, we make sure to exceed expectations through continuous improvement of processes and practices.
We also seek excellence in performance; from making health and safety a top priority to flawless operations, we aim at delivering outstanding results which can’t be attained but through a mindset of exceptional teamwork.

3. Entrepreneurship

Another important guiding principle of Qatami Steel is entrepreneurial spirit.
This value is embodied through a culture of empowerment, ownership and perseverance infused amongst our employees, our most valued intangible asset.
To strive in the world of tomorrow, we believe in relying on our people’s skills and on further developing their know-how. We do so by boosting their leadership, developing their career paths and fostering their professional growth.
Our employees are decision makers and initiative takers who are driven by a desire to innovate and focused on finding solutions. Hence, all new relevant ideas are welcome to be discussed and implemented.

Our Suppliers

Suppliers are the cornerstone of our business. They play a vital role in providing us with the premium raw material needed to prosper in the industry. To select them, we meticulously examine their credentials, values and products ensuring they follow the highest standards across their supply chain. This is how we secure product availability and quality, in addition to guaranteeing timely deliveries at competitive prices.


At Qatami Steel, we establish and maintain durable business relationships with our suppliers.



As leaders in the steel industry, we believe that quality management is an inherent aspect of operations. Consequently, Qatami Steel is entirely audited and ISO certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) embodying our commitment to a high level of quality assurance and quality control.


Furthermore, to remain in the forefront, our management team adheres to a Quality Assurance Program and ensures the compliance of our resources, facilities, machinery, equipment and products to international industry standards.



At Qatami Steel, warehousing and handling of material are operated by our professional team according to the industry‘s best practices. We differentiate ourselves though, through an array of bespoke supply chain services. It is through constant investment in equipment, quick response time and swift alignment to clients’ logistics strategy and requirements, that we always guarantee a cost-efficient way to secure and deliver needed material.


To answer the growing market demand and avoid shortages, we hold a strategic volume of steel inventory at all times. We were able to boost our stocking capabilities by operating a state of the art warehousing facility spanning over 25,000 sq.m and located in Mina Abdallah. This central warehouse offers both flat and long steel products as well as an impressive
range of special grade steel items.


In addition to our warehousing capacity, our clients can count on our reliable logistics division that consists of over 30 trailer trucks fleet to provide them with flexible and efficient deliveries. For improved real time visibility, every vehicle is equipped with a VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) feature.

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